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One of several sacred texts that form the scriptures of the Way.

Aegis, aka “Emberguard”

The group of deadly and mysterious mehkans that serve as the Ona’s personal guard. It is said that they are silent and able to vanish into thin air. (See The Ona and kav’o)


A teardrop shaped Foundry aircraft with a powerful rotor embedded in its body. The military versions have manned cannons at the end of extendable, articulated arms.


One of the oldest mehkan cities, considered sacred by the Waybound.


A secretive mehkan species with a sinister reputation as hired assassins. The Aios are distinguished by the black, membranous folds of their bodies, which obscure their features.

Albright Bay

A broad body of water surrounded by the semicircular coast of Albright City. Location of the island of Foundry Central.

Albright City

Capital of the nation of Meridian, Albright City is the wealthiest and most resplendent metropolis in the world.

Albright, Creighton

(1597-1646) Creator of the Foundry, and widely considered the father of the modern age. Centuries ago, he was the owner of a struggling mining company, when he stumbled upon the portal that leads to Mehk. He kept this discovery a secret and transformed his company into the Foundry, using it to reap tremendous profit and usher in a new era of technology.

Alloy Day

A national holiday in Meridian commemorating the end of the Alloy War. (See Alloy War)

Alloy War

A global conflict that lasted from 1630 to 1646. Many nations united against Meridian, afraid that the Foundry’s technological advantage was becoming insurmountable. More than thirty million people died during the long and bloody war. (See Ferro-nomic treaty)

Amalgam, aka “the amalgami”

An isolated, idyllic community of cave-dwelling mehkans.


A Foundry-made megaphone.


Exclusive title for a mehkan high priestess of the Way.

The Arcs

A vast mehkan geological formation of stair-step ravines and natural land bridges, carved by the elements over the millennia.

ascension line

Access line for Cable Bikes that stretches from street level to the Link-Way overhead. (See Cable Bike and Link-Way)


A mehkan grain that is fermented to produce viscollia. (See viscollia)

Auto-mobile, aka “Auto”

A common Foundry-made land vehicle with thousands of different models.


A mehkan beast of burden, typically used to haul tilburies. (See tilbury)


A mehkan priestess of the Way.

Azsuri Crescent

A nation of the human world, known for its uninhabitable deserts and sweltering heat.

balvoor (e.g. “Mr. Pynch”)

A boisterous mehkan species with a highly developed sense of smell. Balvoors are known for their expressive emotions and colorful way of life. Their talent for languages makes them uniquely suited as diplomats and politicians.


A large, luxury model of Auto-mobile. (See Auto-mobile)


Holy mehkan vestments worn by the ancient Waybound.


A mehkan port city whose name roughly translates to “The Grand Mark,” the ancient landmark around which the city was built. (See also The Grand Mark)


A Foundry-made bicycle.


The mehkan term for a human.


One of a number of quarantined zones in Mehk that has been rendered useless due to the lingering effects of CHAR. (See CHAR)

Bloodtalon, aka “F-20 Bloodtalon”

A state-of-the-art Foundry missile that scrambles radar detection and delivers tremendous
destructive power via proprietary Pinwheel thrusters.


Mehkan term for human language.

The Board

The ultimate authority within the Foundry, elite and anonymous overseers known only by their voices.

bonding round

White chemical bullets designed by the Foundry to incapacitate and kill mehkans, striking their target in a semi-liquid state and hardening upon impact. (See Dervish rifle)


A decorative breed of mehkan songbird, identified by the ring shape its body takes during flight.


Motorized handcart used for the easy transport, loading,
and unloading of goods.


A savannah-like region of Mehk that features long, rapier-like blades of brass.

The Broken

A term used by the Way to refer to individuals that Makina created with handicaps or deformities as a punishment for sins committed in past lives.

Cable Bike

A popular Foundry-made vehicle that is primarily used on the Link-Way, where it hangs from the elevated cable network and operates via a mechanized winch head. (See Link-Way)


A mehkan fungus that is poisonous if eaten raw.


A wealthy southern state in Meridian, known for its luxury beach resorts. (See Meridian)

cargo truck

Sturdy land vehicle made by the Foundry with distinctive tank tread wheels and a segmented cargo bed.


An enormous Foundry train, approximately four stories tall, that is the primary means of shipping materials to and from Mehk.


A Foundry gadget that calculates the user’s exact position based on a reading of the stars.

CHAR, aka “Colloidal Hypo-Amaroid Retroacid”

A Foundry-made chemical weapon that dissolves metal, invented specifically to assault Mehk. The Foundry has banned the use of CHAR due to its permanent and cumulative corrosive effects.

Children of Ore

A term used by the Way to refer to all mehkans, who they believe were created by Makina. (See Makina)


A dense mehkan forest of pipework trees that is home to the chraida. (See chraida)

chraida (e.g. “The Ascetic”)

Arboreal mehkan species with a fierce tribal culture. They are hostile toward humans due to the Foundry’s incursions on their land. (See Chokarai)


Knobby mehkan vegetation eaten by grundrulls and used by langyls to create metallic textiles. (See grundrull and langyl)

Chusk Bowl

A cluster of langyl settlements in an arid basin, known for its abundance of naturally growing chusk. (See langyl and chusk)


An ancient mehkan palace, once home to the dreaded emperor Kallorax, now occupied by the Foundry. It is widely reviled for its façade, which is covered in melted mehkan corpses. (See Kallorax)


A mehkan unit of time, roughly equivalent to an hour.


A spherical mehkan critter of interwoven plates and gears, known to be nearly indestructible.

Coiling Furrows

A natural mehkan maze formed by tectonic pressure that forced rippled sheets of ore to the surface.


A small, versatile communications device made by the Foundry.


A Foundry-made computer.


High-capacity Foundry fighter jet.

Control Core

A massive tower in the Depot that serves as the new center of operations for the Foundry in Mehk.

Council of Nations

An international cooperative organization to promote diplomacy, founded in response to the Alloy War. (See Alloy War)


Secret rebel army of the Way, an underground network of mehkan freedom fighters sworn to defend their world from the Foundry.

Crest of Dawn

The towering, sculpted arch in the shape of a sunburst that looms over the bridge leading to Foundry Central. A depiction of this landmark serves as the company’s logo.


A squishy mehkan creature with chain appendages, found in bodies of vesper. (See vesper)


A mehkan unit of time, roughly equivalent to a day.


Sleek Foundry racing vehicle with a flexible body atop a row of sharp wheels, used in Mehk to navigate difficult terrain.


Tumorous growths that are cultivated on the backs of freylani. These organic weapons can be harvested and used as grenades. (See freylani)

The Depot

The Foundry’s central transportation hub in Mehk, located at the mouth of the tunnel that leads back to Albright City.

Dervish rifle

A silent Foundry-made firearm with four rapidly spinning barrels and an internal solenoid that heats bonding rounds to the melting point. (See bonding round)

Dervish turret

High-caliber, mounted versions of the Dervish rifle.


A Foundry-made telephone.


Foundry supervisors and representatives of the Board. They have immense power in overseeing day-to-day operations, especially in Mehk, but answer directly to the Board. (See The Board)

Dish Wand

A Foundry gadget that simplifies the cleaning of dirty kitchenware.

Divine Dynamo

(See Makina)


A solitary mehkan predator recognizable by its eerie, creaking call.


Mehkan slang for cranium or head.


Flat stingray-like vermin that populates the canyons of Mehk.


A Foundry-made machine for washing clothes.


A durable metallic fabric of many uses, derived by the Foundry from the mehkan textile known as chusk. (See chusk)


A small, provincial mehkan town situated on the Arcs. (See The Arcs)

Dyad Project

A top-secret Foundry project focused on creating a human-mehkan hybrid. Kaspar is the sole surviving experimental test subject.


Symbol of the Way, a circle bisected by a jagged line like the teeth of a gear.


Foundry waste disposal unit, consisting of a polished chrome shell and a powerful built-in trash compactor.


A mehkan river city of meticulous pipework architecture that extends both above and below the river surface. Home to the lumilow. (See lumilow)


Heavy-duty construction equipment made by the Foundry, used to fracture bedrock, especially for building skyscrapers.


One of many verses in the sacred accords of the Way. (See accord)


According to the traditions of the Way, embers are the sparks of life in every living thing. When a mehkan dies, its ember travels beyond the Shroud to be judged by Makina. (See The Shroud and Makina)


(See Uaxtu)


(See Aegis)


Secret sanctuary of the Ona, thought to have been destroyed long ago. (See The Ona)

Ephrian Mountains

A massive range of living mountains on the eastern continent that disappears into the Shroud. (See The Shroud)

Ephrian plains

A wild mehkan province on the eastern continent that remains undeveloped by the Foundry. It is said to be home to many species of mehkan that are otherwise considered extinct.


An ancient mehkan language.


A prominent mehkan river with many tributaries.


A brusque mehkan species that typically dwells in arctic regions, recognizable by their stout, tripod legs and their dense, bristle-haired carapaces.


(See Makina)

The Expanse

A term used by the Way to refer to the course of all time, as created by Makina. (See Makina)


Pertaining to the liquefaction and decomposition of metal, especially as resulting from exposure to CHAR. (See CHAR)

Ferro-nomic Treaty

The trade agreement that ended the Alloy War. It permitted, for the first time, international distribution of Foundry products. The terms were favorable to Meridian, imposing strict guidelines on the kind, quality, and price of materials that could be sold to other nations. (See Alloy War)


Mehkan pipework dwellings (See Dyrunya and lumilow.)


A brand of sugary, carbonated beverage that is popular in Meridian, available in a variety of flavors.


An expensive, high-performance model of sports Auto-mobile manufactured by the Foundry.


A mehkan delicacy.


Foundry-made fan built to resemble a spinning chrome snowflake.


A toxic liquid metal that makes up mehkan oceans. In its solid state, flux falls from the clouds as bullet rain.


A foraging mehkan creature that hides and stores caches of food.

The Forge

A celestial furnace in the afterlife, which Makina uses to judge the embers of the dead, according to the Way. They claim She douses the wicked, stirs the imperfect to be reborn, and blazes the righteous to live in harmony with Her for eternity. (See ember)


A portable Foundry-made camera with many models.

The Foundry

The world’s largest and most profitable corporation, established centuries ago by Creighton Albright. Due to its clandestine operations in Mehk, it is the foremost manufacturer of metal and technology. (See Mehk)

Foundry Central

An extensive complex located on an island in Albright Bay, home to the Foundry’s primary research, manufacturing, and distribution hubs.


High-caliber Foundry artillery with destructive ammunition that generates a large amount of shrapnel.

freylani (e.g. “The Mercanteer”)

A physically ponderous mehkan species that has a talent for commerce and trade. Their hunchbacks are fertile biomes used to grow a staggering variety of goods, from which they always seek to profit.


A Foundry trinket that functions both as a yo-yo and a frozen yogurt dispenser.


Mehkans who adhere to the Way believe this to be their spiritual purpose in life, a unique reason for every individual’s existence that, if discovered and pursued, will lead to enlightenment.


A langyl settlement in the Chusk Bowl that has been destroyed by the Foundry. (See langyl and Chusk Bowl)


Mehkan term for midday, when the ring of rising suns coalesces in a singular zenith.


Foundry-made high-speed aircraft, used primarily for commercial travel.


A decorative breed of mehkan songbird.


Mehkan currency of metallic rings. The worth of individual units, or “tinklets,” is indicated by the size and color of the ring.

Gauge Pit

A black market in the mehkan city of Sen Ta’rine, featuring an auction house that specializes in slave trade. (See Sen Ta’rine)

gears of fate

A term used in the Way, referring to the aspect of Makina’s plan that influences the lives of all sentient beings and how they impact one another.


A Foundry mining machine used for boring tunnels.


A mehkan word for “sanctuary.”


A squalid mehkan settlement on the Inro Coast with a reputation for lawlessness. (See Inro Coast)


A physically imposing mehkan species with crane-claw hands that honors warriors above all else. Known for their brute strength.

Gorgon 4

A Foundry armored vehicle, identifiable by its arsenal of eight artillery batteries mounted on adjustable, tiered platforms.

The Grand Mark

A prominent landmark in the mehkan city of Bhorquvaat, from which the city derives its name. It is a massive crater surrounded by concentric rings of white, petrified waves of ore. The Waybound claim this is an impact crater formed when Makina smote the wicked mehkans who once lived there. (See Bhorquvaat)

The Great Decay

An era that began with the appearance of humans in Mehk. The Waybound claim that the Great Decay is a result of mehkans losing faith in Makina, which led to the decline of the Way, widespread enmity among mehkan species, the dissolution of mehkan society, and the rise of the Foundry’s power. (See The Way and Makina)

The Great Engineer

(See Makina)


Term for the Foundry’s medical staff, based on their green uniforms.


A human nation that is a prominent member of the Quorum with a sophisticated military and an agency known for espionage. (See The Quorum)


Derogatory slang for the inhabitants of Greinadoren.

grundrull, aka “grund”

Massive hermit crab-like mehkans that feed on chusk. Their patchwork shells are made from the molted skins of langyls, who tend to them and harvest their excrement. (See chusk and langyl)


Foundry stealth airplanes powered by whisper-quiet engines.

hair mobile

A kinetic Foundry bauble that is worn in the hair.


A Foundry product used for creating hair styles.


A prominent mehkan language.

The Heap

A mehkan ghetto in the city of Sen Ta’rine, home to refugees displaced by the Foundry’s incursions. (See Sen Ta’rine)


A secretive method of communication used by the Covenant, in which remote individuals can speak and be seen through surfaces of specialized molten metal.

hiveling (e.g. “Tchiock”)

A rare and reviled mehkan species that is said to have been bred as slaves for the ancient megalarchs. These amphibious monstrosities are cruel and fearsome, almost never seen outside the lagoons of dead lands.

hohksyk (e.g. “Korluth”)

A gentle race of mehkans that can eject a self-propelled liquid metal, which acts as a remote sensory organ. This ability makes them experts of surveillance.


A sturdy mehkan ivy that functions like an organic block-and-tackle pulley system, used in lifts and elevators.

Holkhei land bridge

One of the biggest and most notable formations within the Arcs. (See The Arcs)


Candy that transforms from syrup to gum as it is chewed.


A temple of the Way.

Housing of the Broken

Temple of the Way that serves as a sanctuary and hospital to mehkans with handicaps or deformities. (See The Broken)

Hy’rekshi jungle

A lush and expansive region of Mehk known for its staggering biodiversity.


The viscous, dark brown life essence of many mehkans.

Illacci Hill

Albright City’s luxury shopping district.


A trained, nocturnal mehkan beast, known for its aggression if roused from sleep.

Inro Coast

The craggy western shoreline of the Mirroring Sea in Mehk.


An automated grass-trimming device made by the Foundry.


Mehkan term for “season.”

Ixardian epoch

An era of mehkan history marked by the reign of the infamous megalarch Kallorax. (See megalarch and Kallorax)

jaislid (e.g. Axial Phy)

A populous species of mehkan that commonly works as drones and laborers, often considered second-class citizens.


Oceanic mehkan critters with tubular shells that emit jets of pressure for locomotion.

kailiak (e.g. Orei)

A harsh and solitary mehkan species, whose bodies are precise instruments of measurement, allowing them near-psychic mathematical insight. They are averse to emotion, which can inhibit their ability to measure, thereby putting them at risk of physical harm.


An ancient mehkan megalarch, notorious for his sadism and delusions of being a sun god. (See megalarch and Citadel)


A northern state in the nation of Meridian, home to Albright City and famous for its natural beauty. (See Albright City)


Living mehkan weapons rumored to be bonded to and wielded by the Aegis. (See Aegis)


A mehkan city that has banned the consumption of viscollia, leading to a ruthless black market in illicit liquor. (See viscollia)

Kijyo Republic

A human nation in the Far East that is a founding member of the Quorum, openly hostile toward Meridian. (See The Quorum)

Kinetik Komforts

A popular series of Foundry-made massage devices.


Clam-like mehkan vegetation that snaps closed if threatened.


A small oceanic mehkan scavenger known for its impervious grip when it clings to surfaces.

kolchi nut

A common, hard-shelled mehkan foodstuff.

Kommandei, aka “Kommie”

The military special forces of Greinadoren.


A peaceful mehkan species with a nomadic tribal culture.


Frilly mehkan vegetation used for decoration and tribute.

langyl, aka “lang”

An industrious mehkan species notable for their bizarre sheet-metal appearance. They tend grundrulls and harvest chusk fiber from their excrement to make textiles. (See grundrull and chusk)

Lateral Provinces

The larger, western mehkan continent and its various principalities.

Lightforce 7200 rapid repeater gun

The latest in Foundry military technology, large-scale artillery capable of firing up to six thousand rounds per second.


Giant mehkan beasts with segmented shells and tank tread feet. They live in herds and are routinely hunted by the Foundry.


Honorific term for a Waybound who is chosen to serve Makina for a specific purpose. Named for a mythical mehkan saint. (See Waybound)

Lodestar XC-8

Non-lethal Foundry weapon, a baton topped by a powerful magnetic coil that can repel and attract.

lumilow, aka “lumie” (e.g. The Marquis)

An advanced race of mehkans who have bodies of prehensile tubing and communicate using a visual language of light. Their insular culture is renowned for discoveries in science and engineering and has a reputation for arrogance.


Popular Televiewer show about a heroic soldier from Meridian. “No guts, no glory” is the title character’s catchphrase.


A Foundry military vehicle with a coil tipped cannon capable of producing a powerful magnetic blast.


A mehkan god worshipped by the Waybound, believed to have created the universe and said to have abandoned Mehk because Her followers strayed from the righteous path.


Title for ancient mehkan emperors.


A massive, Foundry-made ocean vessel used for transporting large amounts of goods.


A mysterious realm of living metal and organic machines. It is connected to our world by an underground portal, which is hidden and controlled by the Foundry.

mehkans, aka “mehkie”

Term for all the creatures of Mehk, both sentient and non-sentient.


The most prosperous nation in the human world, due entirely to the wealth and success of the Foundry. (See The Foundry)


A Foundry machine with a rotating drum that produces a nearly subsonic tone, used in Mehk to pacify liodim. (See liodim)


A portable calculation device made by the Foundry.


A versatile Foundry vehicle with the capabilities of a forklift.

Mirroring Sea

A vast ocean of flux that surrounds the two main continents of Mehk. (See flux)


A third-world nation of the human world, active member of the Quorum.

Mother of Ore

(See Makina)


A Foundry-made ground vehicle with many models.

Multi-chain conveyor

A long Foundry vehicle made of interconnecting cabs, used for moving and loading large amounts of cargo.


A Foundry-made survival knife with a versatile blade that can transform into multiple practical tools with the turn of a dial.


A Foundry device for playing recorded music.


a mehkan syringe device used to undo a bond knurler lock by injecting food into the creature, thereby releasing its grip.

NET system

A lattice of magnetic cables and tubes suspended over the Depot to prevent aerial attacks.

Newscam drone

Remotely operated flying cameras used exclusively by the news media.

Nhel K'taphen mine

A mehkan ore quarry on the eastern continent, now under the control of the Foundry.


The spinning, cylindrical organ that gives balvoors their advanced sense of smell. (See balvoor)


A mysterious object sought by the Ona to save Mehk. (See The Ona)


A mehkan device that emits a distinctive moan, used during the funeral ceremonies of the Waybound. (See Waybound)


Rural town in the state of Sodowa where Micah was born.

Olyrian Isle

An opulent and isolated community where Foundry employees who were stationed in Mehk retire. Though they live their remaining years in luxury, communication with the outside world is strictly prohibited to protect company secrets.


A Foundry surveillance camera equipped with interchangeable lenses and diopters.

The Ona

Fabled prophet of the Way, she was Makina’s messenger and the living interpreter of the sacred accords. The Ona was renowned for her wisdom and strength as leader of Mehk until she was supposedly killed by the Foundry in a surprise CHAR attack. (See accords and CHAR)


An especially bitter type of mehkan fruit that grows in the Chokarai.


A remote mehkan town.


Versatile sensory organ of the lumilow that can both receive visual information as well as project various wavelengths of light. (See lumilow)


The primal mehkan substance that all living metal comes from. It is thought by the Waybound to originate from the physical body of Makina.


A populous village at the western edge of the Arcs. (See The Arcs)


Subterranean mehkan creatures that gather in a group known as a “clutch.”


Large-scale construction equipment made by the Foundry, used for lifting and lowering heavy materials.


Military commanders in the Covenant. (See Covenant)


Medication for managing motion sickness and nausea.


A mehkan unit of measuring time, roughly equivalent to a year.


Small mehkan critters that burrow into surfaces and pucker to take in air.


An amoebic creature that subsists on the coral-like vegetation of mehkan mountain ranges.


Automated toilet plunger manufactured by the Foundry.

Primal Age

A mythical era the Waybound consider the beginning of time.


A mehkan expletive.


One of a series of mehkan circulatory organs, responsible for distributing ichor throughout the body. (See ichor)


A species of oceanic mehkan predator, known for its speed and efficiency.


A mehkan unit of measurement, roughly equivalent to two meters.

The Quorum

An alliance among several nations of the human world that feel threatened by Meridian’s supremacy and vehemently oppose its trade policies.

Radial IR-17 Industrial Generator

An extraordinarily powerful and efficient electricity source built by the Foundry, discontinued because of high manufacturing costs.


A common mehkan weed that is highly reflective, though it degrades rapidly when trimmed or plucked.


An ill-reputed tavern in the seaside settlement of Ghalteiga. (See Ghalteiga)


The most common language in Mehk.


Common fighter jets used by the Meridian Air Force.


Mehkan term for sleep.


A mehkan astronomical event involving swirls of colored starlight. This spectacle has religious significance to the Waybound.


An ancient and feared mehkan who dwells in the Talons, Rhom is infamous for her knowledge and wickedness, earning her name which means “to gorge.” (See The Talons)


A small mehkan creature that produces a positive electric charge, yet is defenseless on its own. It has a symbiotic relationship with the t’ulk, and together they produce a strong electric current that drives off predators and can kill small prey. (See t’ulk)


A foraging mehkan land creature.

Rodeau dam

An innovative structure in central Vellaroux that provides hydroelectric power for more than half of Trelaine.


A gruesome, degenerative mehkan disease that causes premature decomposition among tchurbs. (See tchurb)


The mehkan term for “death.”

Rust Risen

Fabled home of the ancient and dreaded Uaxtu. (See Uaxtu)

rust slug

Colloquial term for a slimy mehkan critter that feeds on rust.


A mehkan ailment caused by the consumption of water.

rusting rites

Funeral ceremony for the Waybound.


A carnivorous mehkan plant that uses acid to kill its prey.

sacred machine

All of Makina’s creation, the entirety of the universe, according to the Waybound.


A peaceable, sentient mehkan species that is subterranean and massive in size, used by the Covenant as a secretive method of travel.

salathyl prong

A mehkan device shaped like a spike that emits a signal when planted in the ground in order to summon a nearby salathyl.

SCM, aka “Self Contained Meal”

Foundry brand military rations.


Fashionable Foundry-made shoes with adjustable high heels.


A mehkan parasite that burrows into living flesh.


A handheld tablet Computator made by the Foundry. (See Computator)

Sea Bullet

A high-powered Foundry speedboat that can be retrofitted with a magnetic operating system for use in flux. (See flux)

Sen Ta'rine, aka “The Living City”

One of several mehkan metropolises constructed out of the towering sendrite growths that give these cities their “Sen” prefix. (See sendrite)


A gigantic species of mehkan vegetation, cultivated as living architecture in major cities.

Shadowskimmer, aka “GBX-20 Shadowskimmer”

X-shaped Foundry drones used for surveillance in the military and private sectors.

The Shroud

The afterlife, according to the Way. It is a physical place in Mehk, a wall of dense, obscuring fog where Makina is said to reside and judge the embers of the dead. It remains unexplored by both humans and mehkans.

silver steppes

A mehkan region of barren plains that conduct heat in such a way as to be impassable during the day.


A luxurious metal fabric made by the Foundry that is supple and delicate.

sizzle bug

Colloquial term for flying mehkan pests that annoy with a heated element instead of a stinger.


An automated Foundry-made vacuum cleaner.


A mehkan gambling game. Players assemble a set of curved rods marked with symbols into a formation that rearranges itself as new rods are added.

Snakebite S-80

A model of toy gun, made by the Foundry.


A rural state in the human nation of Meridian, known for farming.


Mehkan term for “lifetime.”


A mehkan scavenger that lives in social packs. Though they have vicious grinder mouths for devouring carrion, their playful temperaments make them benign.


A Foundry brand of permanent cement.

Spinner Purse

A trendy Foundry accessory with a motorized twirling capability.


A popular game made by the Foundry consisting of an erratically bouncing gyroscope that is passed between players.


A brilliant, extraordinarily reflective mehkan material, so rare it is thought to no longer exist. It was once used to create religious artifacts for the Way.


A river-dwelling mehkan species with long legs and a flowing, netlike body, considered by many to be provincial and dim-witted.


A mehkan critter that produces a negative electric charge, yet is defenseless on its own. It has a symbiotic relationship with the rhouth, and together they produce a strong electric current that drives off predators and can kill small prey. (See rhouth)


Bulbous mehkan vegetation with branching tendrils, capable of growing to tremendous size.

The Talons

A harrowing, spiky reef in the Mirroring Sea that is infamous for destroying ships. (See Mirroring Sea)

Taviri chargers

An ancient mehkan tribe of nomadic marauders.


A pathetic species of diminutive mehkan, regarded as the untouchable bottom-feeders of society. The arrival of humans in Mehk introduced rot-pox, a contagious genetic scourge that afflicts only tchurbs. (See rot-pox)


A flexible flat screen with a metal frame, made by the Foundry and used for watching recorded and broadcast entertainment.

Tender of the Forge

(See Makina)

Tendril Fen

A small fishing village on the river Ettalye, populated by reclusive syllks. (See syllk)

terra shelter

Temporary lodging made from jungle foliage.


A sophisticated, highly empathetic race of mehkans who prize artistic expression above all else. By touching their hands to the moving, helical bands that surround their sprocketed bodies, thiaphysi can create both speech and music.


A mehkan unit of measuring time, roughly equivalent to a minute.


A decorative breed of mehkan songbird.


A multi-level Foundry land vehicle used for moving cargo.


Mehkan hauling equipment commonly drawn by awleggs, consisting of a large hollow shell atop a gelatinous wheel. (See awlegg)


An individual unit of mehkan currency. (See gauge)


Giant military automaton made by the Foundry with advanced intelligence and powerful cannons.


An intimidating mehkan race with chainsaw forelimbs on bodies reminiscent of praying mantises. Although they are farmers and vegetarians, they are fiercely competitive and known to subjugate jaislids for slave labor. (See jaislid)

Toast’em Oven

A small Foundry-made convection oven, capable of rapidly cooking food.

torch bloom

Colloquial term for a carnivorous mehkan plant with flowers that burst into flame when their stamens are touched.


A Foundry-made machine used for placing freight into a Cargoliner in preparation for shipping. (See Cargoliner)


Slang for a person from Trelaine.


Proud human nation that is a founding member of the Quorum and has been in protracted peace talks with Meridian for years.


A herd mehkan with one jointless leg in front and back, able to curl its body into a wheel shape for locomotion.


A trendy line of Foundry jewelry that doubles as mechanical pets, popular among young girls.

TRS sensor, aka “Trans-Routing Sensor”

A Foundry-made global tracking device used for surveillance.


An edible mehkan fungus that commonly grows in swamps.

Uaxtu, aka “ember-reaper”

A mythical cult of ancient mehkans, rumored to have conducted unspeakable rituals to resurrect the dead. It is said their spirits were cursed to wander for eternity like ravenous ghosts, devouring life to feed their empty souls.

ulkett, aka “reticulated ulkett”

A fearsome mehkan predator that hunts in packs.


A Foundry surveillance automaton with powerful olfactory sensors, highly adept at tracking.


A flying mehkan predator that snares its prey with musical tripwire.


Capital city of Trelaine.


A large river-dwelling mehkan beast, sometimes tamed to be used for transportation. This creature has rotating fantail and feathery appendages that allow it to travel on the surface of vesper.

Veltran Gap

A massive rift in the western continent of Mehk. The Foundry has a project underway to build a bridge across the gap, allowing them unfettered access to the regions beyond.


An oily, orange liquid found in streams, rivers, and lakes throughout Mehk, as vital to mehkans as water is to humans.


A small mehkan creature that flies by means of fringed propellers and travels in aggressive flocks.


A popular mehkan liquor distilled from augurweed. (See augurweed)

vital component

A term used in the Way to refer to those who have pursued their function to the fullest and have become enlightened.

Vo-Pykaron Mountains

A prominent range of living mountains in the Lateral Provinces of Mehk. (See Lateral Provinces)


A portable Foundry-made microphone.

volmerid, aka “vol”

A gruff mehkan species covered with shaggy steel wool, distinguished by their oversized right arms and prehensile chain fingers. This species has earned a reputation of being grunts and thugs.

VooToo, aka “Vesper to H2O Conversion Unit”

A Foundry-made device used to convert vesper to water.


A popular brand of candy bar in Meridian, made with white chocolate and macadamia nuts.

Ward of Broken

Lighthouse beacon of the Housing of the Broken. Its precious sungold reflector was stolen long ago. (See Housing of the Broken and sungold)


Foundry-made automatons with advanced intelligence that serve a variety of functions from menial labor to foot soldier, capable of complex multitasking.

The Way

An ancient and nearly extinct religion that worships a deity named Makina. The fundamental tenets of the faith have to do with living a compassionate life, finding one’s spiritual function, and serving the rest of creation. (See Makina and function)


A term for those devoted to the ancient religion of the Way. (See The Way)


Ancient altars of the Way scattered across Mehk, where travelers once made devotional offerings in exchange for blessings from Makina. (See The Way and Makina)


A ceremonial shawl that has the remarkable ability to mute all sound, bestowed by the Waybound to the loved one of a martyr. (See Waybound)


A foul smelling mehkan plant covered in tiny maggot-like growths.


A gargantuan, oceanic mehkan creature with a dangerous array of tusks. Because they have simple brains that can be mechanically modified to make the creatures docile, pirates and marauders often use wryls as a deadly means of conveyance.


A remote mehkan hamlet built amid the Arcs, considered primitive. (See The Arcs)

Zip Trolley

A common form of Foundry-made public transportation, recognizable by its bulbous shape and telltale, chirping whistle.


A spinning mehkan pest that proliferates near filth and decay.